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4C American Idol -- 9000

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4C American Idol’s DNA color tests are in and he is a silver dapple Ee, nZ. Idol’s dam is 4C A Shade of Dusk and his sire is Silver Fox. Idol will be on the smaller side probably finishing between 13-13.2 hands. He’s bone is amazing and he has a fun sweet personality. Idol is priced at $9,500, and will be ready to wean in early September. Payment plans are available!!!

4C Little Gypsy Fable -- $10000

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Meet Little Gypsy Fable. Fable is 8 years old, and is a wee lass standing only about 13.1 hands. Fable is a very loving little gal. She is usually the first one to come meet you when you go out in the pasture. She will follow you around everywhere.

Fable was the GHRA Gypsy World Champion in 2009 for solid color. The judge at the World Show was very complimentary of Fable and commented to my friend that she would put Fable in her pasture.

Fable’s Sire is Leo Son of Lion King who is out of the legendary “Lion King” and her dam is Splash who is out of the stallion “The Producer”.  

Fable added a beautiful little filly Feather to our herd and she can be seen on her page and on the sale page.


Congratulations Brown Family!!!

4C Passionate Golden Princess -- $15000

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Princess is four now. 4C Brenda’s Sweet Passion is Princess’s dam and Desert Jewel Flash of Gold is her sire. Princess has done very good in her ride training and is developing into a wonderful riding horse. She will be an amazing parade horse!!

We are very excited to announce that Princess is bred to Silver Fox for a and due the end of April 2016. What an amazing pairing!!! This foal is for sale in utero for $10000!!!


Congrats Brown family!!  

4C Kathys Klown In Utero Foal -- 8000

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Klown is bred again to Silver Fox. Klown & Foxs 2016 filly proved to be an amazing little girl!!! $8000
4C Brendas Sweet Passion -- $10000

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4C Brenda’s Sweet Passion formerly known as Carolla, is an 18 year old mare imported from England. Passion is Palomino and White and simply lovely. She stands about 14 hands. She loves to be groomed and is extremely sweet.

Passion is a great mum and delivered us a dazzling solid palomino filly, Princess, sired by DJ’s Flash of Gold, a flashy sassy little colt Boomer sired by DJ's Fortune, and Liddy a incredible smokey black and silver filly by Silver Fox.

SOLD!!! Congratulations Sue and Gary!!

AWS Winstons Mersey -- $10000

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Mersey is a 6 year old black and white ride mare. She is very easy to handle and is a fast learner. Mersey stands 13.2. Mersey does great in shows and has been in parades! Mersey is priced at $10,000 

Wilhelmina -- $7800

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For Sale Wilomenia!! Mena is a 2 year old black and white filly that stands about 14.2 right now. Her sire is Romany Roy Boy and her dam is Belinda. She is very willing and easy to work with. She stands for the farrier, loads in a trailer, leads, and is currently working on obstacles. Mena is priced at $7800 and we have payment plans.

Congratulations Christine!!

4C MidKnight Blue Jack -- $15000

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4C MidKnight Blue Jack is a 3 year old stallion who we are evaluating and considering for the future herd stallion of 4C’s Gypsy Horses. Blue Boy’s Sire is none other than SD BlackJack the famous blue roan stallion and his dam is our 4C Scarlett Lace. Blue Boy has the sweetest disposition of any little guy I’ve been around and is a joy to take anywhere whether it be shows, expos, or parades. His feather and bone are like none other I have seen at this age, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that Blue Boy has a bright future. Quality foals is our main objective so that is why we are being careful in our consideration of just the right stallion for 4C’s.

Blue Boy’s color DNA is EE, aa, LPn hence he is basically a solid black carrying an appaloosa gene. And as I have witnessed first-hand with his dam Scarlett and his sister Tilly the appy gene does strange things to their color. We are excited to see what some of our pairings will produce!

Blue Boy is now Sold!!!

Congratulations Brown Family!!!


Hidden Estates Gretel -- $7000

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Hidden Estates Gretel is a 7 month old black & white Filly. Gretel is sired by Ainsley of Feather Gate Farms and out of Thornhill Timones Chenille. She will probably finish about 15-15.2 hands. Gretel has finished her baby lessons: bathing, farrier, trailer loading, leading, and is currently working on obstacles. She is as sweet as the come and has the sweetest little head. Gretel is priced at $7000. Payment Plans are available!!!

4C Mister Cisco -- $6,800 gelding

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4C Mister Cisco is a 6 month old black & white colt. Cisco is sired by Suede and out of 4C Harlequins Aurora. He will probably finish about 14 hands. Cisco has finished his baby lessons: bathing, farrier, trailer loading, leading, and is currently working on obstacles. He has been to 2 shows and done very well at both. Cisco is priced at $6500 as a gelding. Payment Plans are available!!! Contact number 405-485-2988 or email cottoncandieh@aol.com

Sold!!!! Congratulations Krystal!!!
4C Harlequins Aurora -- $12,000

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4C Harlequins Aurora is a 7 year old silver dapple & white mare. Aurora is sired by Silver Bullet and out of Kel & Kels Claire Bear. She stands about 14 hands and is currently in ride training. She is a sweet mare and a good mom. She is currently not bred. Aurora is priced at $12,000. Payment Plans are available!!! Contact number 405-485-2988 or email cottoncandieh@aol.com.

SOLD!!!! Congratulations Tina!!!
NOBLE -- $6000

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For Sale: NOBLE!!!! Noble is a 2 year old black and white tobiano gelding sired by Sir Royal Gold out of AWS Winston’s Whimsey. Noble has great movement and will make an incredible dressage horse or show gelding. Noble is currently working on trail in hand and showmanship. He also stands for the farrier, trailer loads, and is a gentleman with his ground manners. Noble is being offered for sale for $6,000. This is a guy who should not be passed up! PM for more information!!

Congratulations Carrie!!!!


4C Silver Lightening -- $7000

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             Thor is out of  4C Maladi and sired by Silver Fox. He is a silver dapple and is a fun, loving, and talented little Fox cub. Great bloodlines will flow through this baby Maladi come from SD King and Steve's Bay Mare and Fox's famous parents are The Hustler and DJ's Rowan.      



Congrats Martine and Phillippe and family!!

4C King Balius -- $7000

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What a great pairing that has produced Balius. Nala is our big girl. She stands about 15.1 hands. So this little guy should be on the larger side. Combine size with both parents sweet disposition and what a great horse this will be. Can you say feather--Nala is one of our Lion King granddaughters and Fox's abundant hair is thanks to his dam DJ's Rowan and sire The Hustler.          


Congratulations Krista & Family!!


CDF Heza Corker -- $10,900

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It is with mixed emotions we at 4C’s Gypsy Horses have decided to offer Corky for Sale. Corky has provided 4C’s with amazing memories and he has been such a rock with our young grandkids. But grandkids grow up and Corky needs to be in a home with kids or beginners that are eager to learn. Corky has done it all seen it all. He rides and drives like a dream. We want to share this darling guy with someone who needs a kind gentle soul. Payment plans up to a year are available.  Corker's price is $10,900.

Congratulations Sherry!!!


4C Purple Passion -- $12,000

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4C Purple Passion is a 1 month old filly out of 4C Brenda's Sweet Passion and the incredible Silver Fox. This little lady carries not only a Cream gene, but also a Silver gene, and she's Ee. She's so feminine and loves to run!! She's as sweet as they come!!! We are offering her for $12,000.


Congratulations Sue and Gary!!!! 





4C Silver Pistol -- $5,900

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4C Silver Pistol is a Pistol is a 5 month old stud colt who's sire is Green Country's Icor and his dam is our 4C Harlequin's Aurora. He is red roan and white. Both of Pistols eyes are partically blue. Pistol is a sweet little guy and is FOR SALE!!! He is $5,900, and we have payments options available. Pistol is weaned and ready to go to be your heart horse!!


Christmas Special!!!  $5,000

This little guy would make someone very happy happy happy under your Christmas Tree!!

Sale Pending!!!

4C Finn & Fable's Feather -- $10,900

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**For Sale** 4C Finn & Fable's Feather
Feather is a 2 year old filly with great bloodlines which include The Lion King and The Producer. Her sire is Finn Mae and her dam is our 4C Little Gypsy Fable. She is an absolute sweet heart. Feather has been to many shows and done quite well. She won the Trail in Hand Class at the 2013 World Show. Feather should finish around 13.2. We are asking $10,900. We have payment plans available!!

Feather is now SOLD!!!

Congratulations Valerie!!!!

4C Lord Calidore's Gypsum -- $8,200

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We at 4C’s Gypsy Horses would like to offer someone a very special deal on a very special horse. 4C Lord Calidore’s Gypsum is a 5 year old smokey black and white gelding who could be your own gypsy heart horse. Gypsy is sired by Lord Calidore (Sundance) and is out of our 4C Scarlett Lace. Gypsum is trained to ride and has 30 days of drive training. He is a sweet guy who only wants to please. Gypsum has impeccable ground manners, and is very solid under saddle. He has been ridden in parades, expos, and on the trail. Gypsum has also done well in the show ring. Gypsum longs for his forever home and his forever person!! We really want to find this boy a great forever home. Gypsum’s price is $8,200 and we will consider all reasonable offers. We have payment plans to fit your needs, and will carry payments up to a year. Please contact email at cottoncandieh@aol.com or call us @ 405-485-2988.




4C Rockin' Red Boomer -- $8,000

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NEW PICTURES!!! Boomer is a Yearling flashy chestnut and white colt out of 4C Brenda's Sweet Passion and DJ's Fortune. What a beautifully marked colt he is, and he's full of energy to match his coloring. Boomer will probably finish around 14.3 hands.

Boomer will definitely stand out in a crowd!! His marking are amazing. Boomer has already participated in a show and has been to several parades. He hops in the trailer all by himself and is great with the farrier. Boomer will be participating in the GHRA World Show at the end of January. Boomer's price has just been reduced from $9,200 to $8,000. Don't let this beautiful boy get away from you, and we have payment plans. He is weaned and ready to go.


Congratulations Tania and David Lee!!!

4C Nala's Mirakole "Kole" -- Special Price $8,000

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NEW PICTURES!!! Kole is an amazingly sweet boy! His sire is our Gypsum and his dam is our Nala. So with those two you just know their colt's personality would be nothing but loving. The grandkids have crawled all over him since he was born! Kole will be a big boy probably finishing at least at 15 hands. His bone is amazing.

Kole's DNA tests are back and he is solid smokey black. His coat is shedding out a rich rich chocolate brownish/black and is beautiful. He also carries a red gene so with his cream gene he can pass on a lot of possiblities.

Kole is priced at $9,200! And is ready to go at any time!!! Zero percent interest plans available!!

OK STATE FAIR SPECIAL ***$8,000***!!!

Kole is now Sold!! Congrats to Ariel!



4C Barrington & Beauty's Beast -- $9,900

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Wow is a great word for Beast. His sire is Gypsy Lane's Barrington and his dam is our Royal Beauty. Beast has great bone and hair. His tail and feather is amazing for a little one. Beast will probably finish between 14.2 & 15 hands. He loves people and loves to be loved. Beast is for sale for $9,900, and is weaned and ready to be your heart horse. Payment plans are available, and we can discuss delivery.

Beast is now Sold!!!    Congratulations Michelle Simono

4C Royal Beauty -- $16,900

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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! we are offering Royal Beauty for SALE! Royal Beauty is a 4 year old mare out of our Miss Daisy and sired by Hope of Glory's Royal. She has been trained to ride and drive. Beauty can be purchased $16,900 with a breeding to Leo Son of Lion King for a limited time only. Ask about our 0% payment plans and delivery!


Congratulations Pete!!


4C Miss LadiBug -- -0-

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4C  Miss LadiBug!! What a precious little lady. She will absolutely steal your heart. When LadiBug sees you she will come running and calling to you. She would rather get love from the humans as eat. LadiBug was born May 31, 2010.

LadiBug’s dam is our wonderful mare Maladi, and her sire is Leo Son of Lion King CR. What a wonderful filly these two have produced. LadiBug will be offered for sale until weaning. Don’t miss out on this beautiful little Ladi!!

Miss LadiBug has been sold to Express Clydesdales!!! Congratulations Janine!!


4C Flashy Maya -- -0-

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Maya is a Bay and White filly who is one of the most unique fillies I have ever seen. She has a white ear, a red ear, and 2 electric blue eyes. Her dam is 4C Maladi an imported mare from SD Farms out of King & Steve’s Bay Mare. Her sire is Flash Harry.

Maya was never for sale but after a visit from some dear people I was able to let her go to a new wonderful home with the condition that I could go visit her!! I’ll never forget you my Sweet Sweet Maya!

Congratulations Laura & Wave!!


4C LK's Suleo -- $9,900

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UPDATE!! Suleo placed 2nd in halter under 3 years at the GHRA World Show in Fort Worth. His training is paying off! He was very calm and very easy the handle at the show. This was only his second show, but he acted like a pro!!

This remarkable colt is the son of 4C Susan and Leo Son of Lion King. Suleo is 8 months old. He was born May 30, 2009.

He is a very sweet and quiet boy and loves his water baths to help keep him cool in the summer heat. He has been handled everyday since birth, and will back up to you so you can scratch his bottom.

He is priced at this special price $9,900. Zero percent interest payment plans are available, and ask about delivery! Contact me today at 405-485-2988 or email cottoncandieh@aol.com

See more pictures and information about him in the Our Gypsies section.

Suleo is now Sold!

Congratulations Amber Vallee

4C SUSAN -- $18,500

More Photos

4C Susan is a 5 year old Mare imported from the UK. She has one and a half blue eyes which are stunning. Susan stands a little over 15 hands.

Susan is the dam of our 4C Windsor and 4C LK's Suleo. Susan rides and has been driven. 

View more photos on Susan's page in Our Gypsies. Susan is priced at $18,500. Email me or call for more information: Email: cottoncandieh@aol.com Phone: 405-485-2988.


4C Susan is now Owned & Loved by Maclane May




4C WINDSOR -- $11,500

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4C Windsor is sired by Rio Grande and his dam is 4C Susan. He was born November 30, 2007. Windsor is very sweet and mellow. Our 5 year old granddaughter can lead him anywhere and he does everything she tells him. He has the same quiet temperament of his dad. Windsor has a great build, a double mane, and plenty of feather. He has a great presence about him and is so easy to work with. Windsor is sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

NEWS!! Windsor has begun drive training and is also beginning intensive training in Trail and Handling. I'm sure he will do well he is very willing to work!

4C Windsor is SOLD

Congratulations Megan Zavagli


Spirit -- $200.

More Photos

For Sale 3 yr old Mustang Mare.  Dunn w/dorsal stripe. Own a part of American History. She is halter trained, and very sweet. $200 Call 405-485-2988 or email randyhearon@aol.com for more information.


Dolly -- $550.

More Photos

For Sale 5 yr old Beautiful Grulla Mustang Mare. Own a part of American History. Dolly has been through the prison training program. Very willing to please. Daughter moved out and left her with us. She hasn’t been ridden in a year needs experienced rider. $550. Call 405-485-2988 or email randyhearon@aol.com for more information.


Princess -- $650

More Photos

4 yr old Palomino Mustang Mare

For Sale 4 yr old Beautiful golden Palomino Mustang Mare. Own a part of American History. She has been through the prison training program. Very quick and can turn on a dime. Barrel or Play day prospect. She hasn’t been ridden in a few months needs experienced rider. $650. Call 405-485-2988 or email randyhearon@aol.com for more information.



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