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SILVER FOX!!! What more can I say!! He is one of the best known stallions in the United States and he now calls 4C's home!! We are truly blessed. Fox is a silver dapple, stands about 14.2, and is 8 years old. He puts amazing babies on the ground!! We are over the moon to have such as amazing guy grace the future of 4C's Gypsy Horses!! Silver Fox has been bred to 4 of our mares for 2017 foals. Bunny, Klown, Dollar, and Nala will be having Fox kidlets in the spring!!!

We have decided to stand Fox to 5 outside mares for the 2017 breeding season. If you are interested in breeding to Fox please contact us at cottoncandieh@aol.com or call 405-485-2988.


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