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The story behind Kelly Girl is a touching one. Five years ago I feel in love with a Gypsy Horse at Black Forest, when we had attended the 2007 open house. She sold in the auction for more than I could afford so I purchased Susan instead.  After the auction I went out to the pen where she was and she came over to the fence and gently nudged me as if to say I wish I was going home with you. Three years ago I saw that same horse on a sale site but convinced myself that it wasn't her. A week later when I convinced myself that it was her, she was already sold again. Three times a charm and the Monday before Thanksgiving 2012 a friend of mine in Colorado who had no knowledge of mine and Kelly Girl’s past emailed me a Craig’s List ad with a beautiful mare on it. One look and I knew this was my Kelly Girl and I wasn’t going to let her get away again. After Thanksgiving Dinner Randy and I left for Colorado to bring home our  beautiful mare. Kelly Girl is now where she and I have always longed for her to be. What a dream come true again!

Kelly Girl is 12 year old mare who is the light of my life. She rides beautifully and This summer her and Hallie began their driving career. Hallie and her have did amazing things in 2013 and continue to wow in shows across the country!!!! So be sure and check out the events page to see all their accomplishments!!


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