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4C Pink Shantilly Lace “Tilly” was born March 18, 2011. She is a 5 year old filly out of our 4C Scarlett Lace and Wylleen May’s Ruari. Tilly has a blue eye on her right side with a white spot over it to highlight it. She has a sweet little head, and a beautiful face. Tilly of course already exhibits that wonderful Gypsy temperament.

This is an amazing little girl with an amazing outlook on life. She will always be with us showering us with her love and determination. She loves the grandkids and they love her. What a beautiful shining light she shares with us every day. Just looking into her mesmerizing face puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Tilly is the chameleon. When she was born she was black and white then changed to bay and white at 4 months old. As a yearling she was again black and white and now Tilly is what I would call a bay pinta-loosa? But she has no agouti so she can't be bay? I'm looking forward to the spring to see if she changes yet again!!


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