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     Lion King’s Nala—she is so regal. The Queen in training! Her sire is Leo Son of Lion King and her dam is our Miss Daisy.


     Forever my baby girl she is now 8 and is 15+ hands.  Nala has begun her ride training and is doing remarkable. She is calm, quiet, and patient. Oh and did I say smart! I think she will make a great riding horse for the grandkids.


     Nala is challenging her mum on apple butt and I think Nala has her. Precious and special describes her best. Nala is one that I would have a hard time parting with.


    Nala is bred to the fabulous Silver Fox for a 2017 foal. This amazing foal is for sale in utero for $8,000 see Our Sale page for details. I'm confident this foal will be as great as her other 2 colts MiraKole by Gypsum and Balius by Silver Fox.


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