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Miss Daisy the supreme Alpha Mare and Queen of the Farm. She is my heart. Daisy is 15 year old ride and drive mare that has a fabulous disposition. She is a model of what a gypsy horse should be. Daisy has been ridden and driven in parades, she has skidded logs, pulled a plow, been to shows and clinics, she loves to work.


I didn’t know a lot about Daisy when I purchased her from BFSGH because she was purchased on consignment. While surfing the Internet just looking at these wonderful creatures I came across a gypsy farm Caravan of Dreams, and to delight and surprise there was my Daisy. I immediately emailed Daisy’s former owners to let them know we had Daisy and how much we loved her. Since that day we have become very close friends with her former owners. CDF Miss Daisy is the second registered Gypsy Horse in The Gypsy Horse Registry of America.


Daisy is the dam of the beautiful Royal Beauty and the regal Lion King’s Nala and the fabulous 4C The Queen Bees Halette and her 2016 filly the darling 4C Daisys Blue Belle. She is a great mother and passes on her gentle and confident personality. Daisies are in full bloom at 4C’s.


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