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In Loving Memory “BABE”

4C Lion King's BabyDoll "Babe" as we call her is a weanling filly out of as the name describes the Immortal Lion King and the beautiful magestic Babydoll. She has come to live with us after looking long and hard for a horse with a white forlock and a white and black ear. The white and black ear in the Gypsy World means "Good Luck". Babe just had a Birthday; April 19th, 2009 our Babe turned one.

It is with tear filled eyes and a broken heart that I have to announce the passing of our lovely Babe. Saturday morning May the 2nd Babe was struck by lightening and died instantly. Not 15 minutes before I had been at the barn feeding her and Daisy out of my hand, and giving them kisses.

Babe was my little dream horse. Losing our beautiful little Babe has broken our hearts, but we are thankful that we had that precious time with her. During this time we are dwelling on the big picture and trusting that God has a special purpose for our Babe. She's dancing on her daddy's wings now with little angels on her back. So I'll smile through my tears and know that we will ride together someday.   

We love you so much BABE.


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