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Our trip to SD Farms in the UK

This past summer we were fortunate enough to get to go to the UK and visit SD Farms Gypsy Cobs. Stevie Down and his family are the largest Gypsy Cob breeders in the UK and they have been breeding traditional Gypsy Cobs for generations. Stevie and his family are true Romany Gypsies and their heritage runs deep.

It was totally mind blowing seeing the hundreds of gypsy cobs, but what was truly amazing was listening to Stevie and his children talk about the horses and their blood lines. When asked what they knew about this horse or that they could tell you anything you wanted to know. Their passion and love for these horses that has been passed down for generations is so untouched and so special.

Being surrounded by legends like The Rocking Horse, Wooly Mammoth, Jim, Jack, Flash Harry, Blackjack, and I could go on and on can only be described as unbelievable. I felt like I was in a dream and the dream only got better when they harnessed up The Rocking Horse. Then the next thing I knew was riding along side Josie and she was handing me the reins. I was actually driving The Rocking Horse!!

Stevie and all of his family welcomed us into their fields, their barns, and their home and we feel very blessed that we were invited to share a piece of their lives. The time we spent with  Wylleen May, Stevie Down, and all the Down family was a sheer pleasure and honor that will not ever be forgotten.



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