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Praire Thunder Wild Irish
Spring 2011

Well here on the farm we have had a busy and exciting spring; three new babies Tilly, Beast, & Feather and one more due in June. We have made a great addition to our breeding program adding Harlequin Aurora. We are starting to breed our mares for 2012 foals. Check the Website often for the upcoming pairings. We have attended a very success Red River Classic show, and now we are readying Miss Daisy and Corky for the World Pinto Show in June. We have an equine intern coming the end of May to serve her internship with us this summer. School’s almost out and I am really excited about working with the horses. Fable and Corky will begin their drive training, Nala will begin ride training, the grandkids are picking out their horses to work with, & everyone will get lots of attention.  Dreams can become reality!!!


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