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Celtic Horse Show in Stillwater

Shelbie Howell & 4C Flashy Maya amaze the crowd with their first place finish! Eight year old Shelbie Howell with 4C Flashy Maya in tow beat out 7 other contestants for the blue ribbon in Trail in Hand at the Celtic Horse Show in Stillwater. Trail in Hand is a class that is made up of different obstacles that the contestant must maneuver their horse through. Shelbie and Maya executed the obstacles with amazing grace and perfection. Shelbie’s cousin Gracie Hearon finished a close third with her horse 4C Little Gypsy Fable. The Trail in Hand Class was made up of Adult participates with the exception of Shelbie & Gracie. Fable took first in Halter Mare shown by Hallie Hearon with Maya shown by Gracie finishing second. Maya ridden by Cylen Howell, Fable ridden by Hallie, and Romany CR ridden by Gracie took first in Lead Line. Fable also placed first in Western Pleasure and Western Equitation with Layla Smith in the saddle. Congratulation Girls!!! Maya and The horses of 4C’s Gypsy Horses will also be competing in the Draft & Gypsy Horse Show the first weekend of the Oklahoma State Fair.


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