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Blanchard Christmas Parade

Twas a few weeks before Christmas and out on the Gypsy farm all the horses were wondering who’d prance in the parade. Randy was planning on Miss Daisy going driving, but Brenda was reluctant to give it a try, and what about Maya and Maladi or Fable & Beauty maybe take Susan, Scarlett, & Windsor let’s not forget Suleo & Gypsum and of course the bell of the ball Miss Nala herself.

So up to Main Street the 4C’s Gypsy trailer traveled with four lucky Gypsies and their loyal subjects, too. As the trailer pulled in there arose such a gathering and the trailer doors were thrown open to everyone’s Ohs and Ahs. And what to their eyes do they see but the 4 lucky Gypsies—Miss Daisy, Maladi, Maya, & Fable.

Miss Daisy led the way pulling the cart. Maladi carried Cylen and showed Coebe the way. Maya walked proudly letting Gracie & Shelbie tag beside. Fable held Hallie with Richie & Reese following along, and McHale, Emory, Bella, Ava, Audra, & Julie looked on.

As the parade ended we heard the Gypsies exclaim Merry Christmas to All and to All a Happy New Year!!!!


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