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Texas Gypsy & Drum Horse Summer Classic

Maladi, Maya, Shelbie, Coebe, Brenda, & Randy just returned from the Texas Gypsy and Drum Horse Summer Classic which was held June 13-14, 2009 in McKinney, Texas. This event was put on by the Show Your Gypsy Horse Club. This was Maladi & Shelbie’s riding début and they walked away with the blue ribbon in lead line. Shelbie and Maya finished second in Halter Yearlings, first in Costume Class, and second in Junior Showmanship.  Maladi finished first in Halter Mares 3 yrs. Old, third in Most Hair Class, & 6th in Color Class Mares. The heat was exhausting, but we enjoyed the show. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing and talking to all of our Gypsy Horse friends.


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