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Praire Thunder Wild Irish
Black Forest Dispersal Sale
We are back from Colorado and the Black Forest Dispersal Sale. What an emotional trip! We came back empty handed but with a renewed desire to promote and show off these amazing creatures. Miss Daisy, Susan, Maladi, Scarlett, & Babe were all purchased from Black Forest, and it is difficult for us to think that I will no longer be able to make that trip to see the gypsy horses. I’ll never forget that feeling when we were nearing the farm and all the horses come into view. It is undeniably one of the most beautiful, tranquil sites we have ever witnessed. I couldn’t help shed a tear or two or three when I saw Babydoll, Dinah, Babe’s sissy, and of course Candi. Dinah was the first gypsy horse I ever touched and from that moment we had a special bond. Every time I saw her after that she’d raise her head as if to say I remember you. We can only hope & pray that someday our paths will again cross

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