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Unexpected Visitor

On a routine Sunday morning in November we received a phone call from aconvenience store in town, someone was needing directions to our ranch. We had no idea of who our visitors would be. A short time later 2 cars drove through our front gates, one lady got out of one of the cars and the 2 cars left! How strange we thought. Brenda went outside and the lady introduced herself as Carin Herrick from England! She was in OKC for the World Quarter Horse Show. Carin said that she had found our website and wanted to see our "coloured cobs". Her friends were more interested in finding a place to eat breakfast, so we gave her a tour and visited for about an hour. Carin has gypsies and lives near Appleby-in-Westmoreland. What an exciting day this turned out to be. She has since emailed us and is sending photos of the Appleby Fair. She said she would be back next year and told us we had to come to England and attend the Appleby Fair.


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